Johor – It’s heaven for foodies


I can definitely understand your feelings being a foodie myself. It might be either of the two situations; first situation might be that you want to visit this southern Malaysian state, Johor and is inquisitive about the delicacies available there, whether they would be up to the levels of your dream cuisine. The second one is that you get to know about the lovely items prepared and served in Johor from this article and feel like going to the place in order to give peace to your appetite. Whatever be the reason, Johor is truly a paradise for the foodies.

Taman Pelangi is built in such a way that the environment surrounding it gets the look and feel of a resort. You can go forward and grab a bite of the fuming hot rice noodles highly reputed as chee cheong, served at the shops in Jalan Sri Pelangi. They are fresh, they are warm and they will put your hunger to rest for some time. Though the interior content of chee cheong might vary from pork to shrimp, it is always assisted with sauce and occasionally some fried onions.

If you are satisfied with your breakfast and then excitedly gone off to visit some beautiful locations nearby, you should possibly be searching for food again at noon. Don’t worry, Bak kut teh will come to your rescue. A simple combination of herbs and spices soup along with pork ribs is complex enough to satisfy your hunger for the second time in the day. A good lunch should follow up with a little bit of rest. While you rest and think about your superb lunch, probably it would be wise to think about your evening snacks and dinner. The unsurpassed snacks can be a combination of cakes and tea, simple yet chaste. The Hiap Joo Bakery will be able to serve you with the cakes. You might need to wait a bit because of the line of people waiting to get served but the wait is worth it. For dinner you should definitely look out for some special Chinese dishes. Near to Jalan Tebrau, you will find Tapai Tang, a Chinese restaurant famous for its cuisine. You can select the signature dish of this place, the salt baked chicken. You will definitely love it.

A few important places of Johor worth mentioning for their authentic delicacies are: Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat – This stall is present amidst a residential area and has been serving for over the past 30 years. You should flavor the duck meat along with noodles from here; Ambang Pesona d’Cerry – This humble stall by the roadside is located near to Jalan Yusof Taha. Here you can taste the lontong rendang kering which is a combination of rice cakes, vegetables and beef served with peanut sauce; Laksa House – This restaurant has its place in Johor Bahru. As the name of the restaurant specifies, a dish of laksa is what you should go after here. The dish has fish balls , dried tofu and cakes as its main components.

Penang – Best Value for Money

Penang has a stable economy along with various attractions for tourists. Its 
economy is not only dependent on tourism but several other tech companies which 
operate from Penang.  It has high GDP per capita than any other state in Malaysia. 
In terms of tourism, Penang has acclaimed itself as one of the bustling cities in all 
over Malaysia with several historical attractions & delicious cuisines. Penang hotels 
have provided exceptional services in caring their guests, guiding them for tours, 
complementary pick & drop facility from the airport, maintaining clean hygiene & 
keeping round the clock eye for them. Guests who have experienced Penang’s 
hotel accommodation & facilities have applauded their flawless services. They have 
never complained against any disorders as they have been always taken care off 
from the time of check in to check out. Travel from Singapore, you can choose to
take bus express from SG to KL and then take train or bus to Penang.

Some of the most promising hotels in Penang offer world class facilities such as 
relaxing Spa treatment, full body massage, high speed wifi internet, discounted 
tickets for buying apparels etc. Hard Rock Hotel Penang in Batu Ferringhi Beach is 
one such attraction to its tourists as it showcases a bust of Beatles where one 
would like to click photographs along with music related giant murals & 
memorabilia decorated over the walls of the lobby and reception. It showcases 
great talents in the world of music to its guests through live band performance. 
Guests residing in Hard Rock Hotel have the option to attend yoga or dance 
sessions along with touring surrounding areas on mountain bikes. 
Among all others, Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Georgetown provide best value for 
money to its customers by providing high class facilities. It has the largest sea 
front along gorgeous pools & recreation centers. Tourists residing at this particular 
hotel opt for rooms or suits in high stories due its spectacular view & largest 
waterfront in the world. 
Nowadays, luxury is a thing of past as all hotels fulfills the requirements of the 
customers by providing superior facilities & comfort. People living in Park Royal 
Penang enjoy its scenic view along with beautiful beaches. Its rooms or suites are 
equipped with high end electrical fixtures along with music speakers. Guests of 
ParkRoyal Penang have never complained of sleeplessness as each room is fitted 
with king size beds & other memorabilia. 
The Seven Terraces Hotel is one of the attractive & popular hotels in Penang as it 
is situated in prime location near tourist’s attractions like Penang Peranakan 
Mansion, Goddess of Mercy Temple etc. Penang has always been placed among the 
top 5 places for its amazing accommodation & hospitality services.